Jain MEP Engineering & Projects LLP was established in October 2015 with a prime interest in Ash Handling & Pneumatic Conveying System. The aim of JMEP is to provide best manufacturing Service and focus on customer needs to provide quality & economical designs. Our vision of becoming the top global suppliers of Ash-Handling & Power-Plants Equipment with the cost effective Solutions, keep us always motivated & forward.

We thank you for showing your interested in our Company and wishing us both a healthy Business.


To ensure customer satisfaction and maintaining high product-standards, we inspect in all stages of manufacturing. Product-Quality is maintained by daily product reviews physical, dimensional and operational tests with visual inspections.


The safety concern does not extend just to workers. We ensure that our products do not hurt customers or the general public in any way.

Efficiency and Costs

Efficiency is interconnected with product-costs in manufacturing. The more efficient a manufacturing is, the lower its costs are. We offer very genuine Price for our Products which help us to make a good relation with our customers.

R&D & Design Capabilities

AutoCAD based design by professionals with field experience

3D Modeling on Autodesk-Inventor

Land & Storage Capacity

1250 Sq. Yards working-area in Rai Industrial Area, Haryana, India

250 Sq. Yards working-area in Rithala Industrial Area, New-Delhi, India

Lifting Capacity

10 ton in House