Product details

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008
  • Name :Rotary airlock
  • Category : ASH Handling System
  • Date :22 Dec 2020

Product Description

Rotary Airlocks are also usually known as Rotary Vane Feeders, Rotary Valves. It is a compact Mechanical Equipment for continuously Discharging Bulk Powders gradually into the process of a plant. It is also a metering device, where the discharge capacity of a process plant is set by these Rotary valves. There is only one moving Part; a multi-vane rotor revolves in very close contact to the housing. It has one Inlet at the Top and one Outlet at the Bottom. The discharge capacity depends on the volume of the Rotor’s Pocket, the no of revolutions of rotor in a minute & the bulk density of process-material