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About Us:-

Jain MEP Engineering & Projects LLP was founded in October 2015 in New-Delhi India with a clear vision: to serve the custom-machines, precision Spare-parts and consumable items for bulk solids handling industry. Our Main Products are bulk material loading bellows (telescopic chute / Loading spout), Inlet Valves, Rotary air lock, Pug Mill/Dust Humidifier / dust mixture, Screw conveyors, sleeve couplings, Fluidizing Pads, Non-return Valves for pneumatic-lines (NRVs), Silo aerators etc.
We manufacture mainly loading bellows & inlet valves in-house. And further products we buy directly from our associated manufacturers. We bargain very hard to get the best price, our quality engineers and team inspect at all important stages and then pass the savings on you.We keep our cost low – because every penny we save is a penny you save.
With each successful project, our reputation grew and gradually expanded our customer base worldwide. Today, JMEP-machines and parts can be found not only across India but also we have started serving the globe, working for some of the world’s leading companies.

What We Do

We are famous for our quick response and we offer the best value of our products. We stay open for our customers throughout the day. With such a diverse team, from so many different places, we bring a unique perspective to everything we do.

Mechanical Engineering

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Trading Of Many Boughtouts

Valves, Pipe Fittings & Rubber Seals


Small capacity pneumatic conveying systems 1 to 10 TPH

Our Products

Rotary Air Lock

Inlet Valve

Poppet Valve

Non Return Valve


Our approach is designed to turning the ideas into reality.
Nobody wants to waste the time therefore we listen before we create, therefore we visit at the customer’s end and understand the need of our customer first. During the project study-phase, we learn everything we can about your needs. We refine because we’re never satisfied. We test and customize our process to better suit your specific goals. Our customization’s success relies on thorough planning & deep study.